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What People are Saying
  • "Pitching a company like Whole Foods is complex and BBF got us into two regions of Whole Foods -- BBF made it easy. It's a pipeline into major retailers." - Dan Garblik, Co-Founder,
    (San Francisco, CA)

  • "BBF works the way it should - I get a sample request from buyers, send out samples, then buyers place orders." - Emir Kiamelev, Founder,
    (El Segundo, CA)

  • "Without BBF, it takes 15 minutes to order from one vendor-- with 50 vendors, it's easy to forget one." - Bobby Vardakastanis, General Manager,
    (San Francisco, CA)

  • "We're all learning this stuff on our own... major benefit to connect with BBF as mentors..." - Trevor Smith, Founder,
    (Los Angeles, CA)

  • "I had been trading calls and email with a particular store for a while...but nothing happened until we got on BBF. Within days of being listed on BBF, that store placed their first order!" - Daniel Sklaar, Founder,
    (Brooklyn, NY)

  • "BBF allows me to focus on strategic work, since it's easy to hand off the reordering process to others." - Anderson Yee, General Manager,
    (San Francisco, CA)

  • "We've been working with BBF since they started in 2010, and they continue to send us new accounts and orders every week." - Micah Goldman, Head of Sales,
    (Somerville, MA)

  • "We source high quality products from many vendors, and constantly looking to improve quality and add variety. BBF makes it easy to get detailed information about dietary attributes and ingredient lists, which is important to us and our employees." - Purchasing Team Member,
    Fortune 500 Company (Mountain View, CA)

  • "Since its launch, BBF has sent me over a dozen new wholesale accounts (often without needing to send samples!); I've gotten tons of reorders from multiple buyers without even picking up the phone." - Clarine Hardesty, Founder,
    (Berkeley, CA)

  • "As soon as I saw BBF, I knew I'd be using it for finding new products as well as reordering existing products. I love that I can order anytime of the day, and repeat previous orders with one click." - Anna Derivi-Castellanos, Specialty Buyer,
    (San Francisco, CA)
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