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Dr. Ohhira's Essential Living Oils™ (60 capsules)

A vegan alternative to fish oils. Complete and balanced EFA. Contains plant-based GLA, ALA EPA and DHA.

Contains pure, natural and non-contaminated source ofEFAs in a carefully balanced formula (Omega-3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 ratio is 4:1:1). The cold-pressed extraction method is utilized to preserve the natural qualities and properties of the plant seeds. Vitamin E and important compounds like Campesterol, f3-sitosterol, Stigmasterol and Oryzanol, as well as important nutrients and micronutrients are included. Award-winning microbiologist, Dr. lichiroh Ohhira, formulated this product as a substitute for fish oils some of which are known to contain contaminants such as pesticides, DDT, lindane and PCBs. Soft capsule. Product of Japan.

$36.25 MSRP per unit (Consumer price)
1 units per wholesale case

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Product AttributesVegan
CategoriesSupplements & Homeopathics
Packaging Type Prepackaged
Shelf Life 3 years
Product Line Supplements
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BBF Product Code bbf-12
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Unit Suggested Retail Price $36.25
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Size 28
Size Unit of Measure g
Case pack (units) 1
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Ingredients Oils from the seeds of Tea Seed, Borage, Perilla, Flax, Avocado, Olive, Sunflower and Rice seeds.
rownum (*)
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