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/ / Middle Eastern Blends Product Line


This blend, although spicy, is also sweet, smokey, and very versatile.

You may use it as a simple rub for meat, in a kicky tomato sauce, or as a subtle accent in a salad dressing. Harissa's lovely rust red color strikes you first; it almost glows. You might call it the Tunisian or Moroccan version of sriracha. My harissa is a dry harissa, but you can easily make it into a hot sauce by adding light oil, such as canola, and a little vinegar. Just be certain to refrigerate it. The Aleppo pepper in it gives it a sweet heat and smokiness that cries out for gamier meats such as lamb or venison. It's also wonderful in stews and as a spice base for red rice with almonds and currants. Use it in shakshuka, or toss it with vegetables before you roast them, or sprinkle it on bread before you bake it. Your harissa comes in in a sealed jar. Each jar holds 1.5 ounces of this richly flavored spice. coarse grind

$9.61 MSRP per unit (Consumer price)
12 units per wholesale case

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CategoriesSpices & Seasonings, Africa, Middle East & Israel
Packaging Type Prepackaged
Product Line Middle Eastern Blends
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BBF Product Code bbf-111716-8
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Unit Suggested Retail Price $9.61
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Size 1.5
Size Unit of Measure oz
Case pack (units) 12
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