For Sales Reps

BBF for Brokers and Sales Reps

Feeling overwhelmed? Buried in paper? Spending evenings entering orders?

For reps, BBF isn’t software, it’s a new way of life– buyers start coming to you, small buyers order for themselves, and orders are entered immediately, eliminating double-entry. This frees you to spend more time opening new accounts and working with large and strategic accounts.

The old way The BBF way
• Driving out to small accounts, plus calls and faxes for small, routine reorders; customers asking basic questions (such as pricing, shelf life, case count, “what’s new?”) • Small buyers order for themselves; BBF checks order minimums and other rules.
• Schlepping paper brochures, constant updates. • The latest product information, straight from the manufacturer. Fully detailed information at your fingertips (photos, product brochures & pricesheets for download, certifications, product attributes, etc.).
• Hours of data entry; too much time spent on ‘paperwork • Zero paperwork: take orders directly into the system, in front of customers (by tablet or celphones).
• complex, proprietary IT systems; weeks of training required • BBF is so easy, your customers can order for themselves.
• Difficult to get attention from buyers, hard to get meetings. • 1000s of buyers come to BBF and reach out to you when they’re interested in your lines. BBF quickly pays for itself, as buyers discover your lines and place orders and sample requests. Make money in your sleep, as the new accounts, leads, and reorders roll into your inbox.
• You’re on your own to find buyers and close deals. • With BBF, you’re joining a strong, high quality network of reps and brokers, who pass leads to each other, share accounts and trade tips.

Brokers: BBF was designed for brokers with multiple lines– we onboard your manufacturers and build you a broker website for free (including a fully featured catalog and ordering capability), which is linked into BBF’s broker directory. Finally, you can fully cross-sell and upsell all of your product lines, instead of having your accounts just order the same old product lines. Brokers who join BBF experience rapid ROI, since thousands of buyers use BBF, and the ease of use encourages regular ordering through the system.

To learn more about BBF for reps and brokers, schedule a demo with our founder, Joyce Guan, who designed BBF from her experience as a broker.