For Sellers

BBF for Manufacturers and Sellers

Struggling to reach marquee buyers? Are small buyers “hardly worth” the time they take?

For sellers, BBF is the first online wholesale system that really works– because it’s the first that blends real world, face-to-face brokering with an easy-to-use online catalog where buyers can do their research.• Reach marquee buyers. Because of the size and quality of our catalog, BBF is regularly invited to meet with buyers large and small. BBF marquee accounts include major hotel chains, corporate customers, independent and chain groceries, airlines and more.

• Automate smaller buyers. Every seller has small accounts that order $1000 or less per year– and it’s expensive and annoying to keep calling and emailing them for their tiny orders. Instead, send them to your BBF page, and because BBF is so easy to use, they’ll be successful and themselves happy to get fewer phonecalls. For buyers, BBF is a single login to remember, a single system to use, and their BBF reputation carries from one manufacturer to another, making it easy to order new brands.

• Keep control, while publishing to Google and the web. BBF is careful with your Confidential information– only qualified buyers (by referral, or by background check) are allowed into the system, and we blank-out Confidential fields when publishing to Google.

The first step is to join the hundreds of companies listing on BBF– sign up here for free. For a limited time, BBF will even do the digitizing work for you!

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