Mission / Values

Mission / Values

The BBF team lives by these axioms:

“It’s all about people: respect everyone, focus on the buyer”. People buy from people and BBF is designed around reducing the paperwork of sales, so salespeople can focus on the creative arts of cutting deals, solving problems, and pioneering products.

“Be practical”. We take practical approaches to problems, including prioritization. We’re not afraid to admit failure and try new approaches. We listen to feedback from all sources.

“Change is good”. We build new things for the world and don’t just compete on price; we don’t try to stop or slow innovation; we try to help everyone with transitions.

“Think big”. Our ambitions are not regional or limited to one market.

“Create joy”. BBF isn’t just a job, we’re creating BBF to change the world and delight everyone along the way.

If these ideas resonate with you, and you either like to sell stuff or build stuff (read: software), send us a resume: [email protected]